REWE-Center Stanislawski & Laas

Your somewhat different REWE-Center.

The REWE-Center of Holger Stanislawski and Alexander Laas is located in the Dorotheenstraße in Hamburg. Here you will find a large product selection, top quality and a relaxed atmosphere while shopping. In the heart of the market you will find a probably unique soccer arena for small and large hobby kickers.

Since September 2015, we have been looking after and advising the REWE-Center Stanislawski and Laas. We are responsible for the web and social media presence as well as the radio spots.

Responsible for web presence / social media / radio spots

  • Christmas Greetings

    Christmas Greetings

  • Keep Distance

    Keep Distance

  • Order Flyer

    Order Flyer

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  • Radiospot

    REWE radio spot - flower store

  • Radiospot

    REWE radio spot - Mrs Meyer

  • Radiospot

    REWE radio spot - condoms

  • Radiospot

    REWE radio spot - vacuum cleaner